Convocation 2024

The Nipissing Biomechanics & Ergonomics faculty are delighted to congratulate our Convocating MScKin students, Denise Balogh, Hunter Carswell, and Shahla Ziamanesh. We wish you all the best in your ongoing academic and professional journeys!

Denise Balogh: Thesis title: Assessing ultrasound image quality and carpal tunnel dynamics in carpal tunnel syndrome patients versus healthy controls.

Hunter Carswell: Thesis title: Age-related changes in relationships between spatiotemporal and kinematic domains during treadmill gait.

Shahla Ziamanesh: Thesis title: Quantifying hand-arm vibration transmissibility during impact wrench use in fatiguing tasks.

Congratulations to all Nipissing MScKin, BPHE, and Concurrent Education graduates!


Ontario Biomechanics Conference 2024

The Nipissing Biomechanics and Ergonomics team travelled to the Ontario Biomechanics Conference (OBC) in May 2024. OBC highlights biomechanics research excellence within Ontario, and provides networking and presentation opportunities for students. Five Nipissing students presented their undergraduate and Master’s research during several poster sessions over the three days. Congratulations to all our student presenters!  

Michelle Campbell: Examining sex differences in chuck grip force regulation 

Hunter Carswell: Age affects the relationships between spatiotemporal and kinematics domains during treadmill gait.   

Emma McArthur: Effects of age on relationships between trunk kinematics and center of mass motion in the frequency domain during gait 

Grace O’Neill: Does dynamic postural stability during quiet standing, gait, and obstacle crossing change with age? 

Mike Travers: Hip, knee, & ankle kinematic variation during 30-second Wingate test.

Nipissing Undergraduate Research Conference

Congratulations to Mike Travers for presenting his poster entitled ‘Hip and ankle kinematic variation during 30-second Wingate tests at the 2024 Nipissing University Undergraduate Research Conference! Mike is a second year undergraduate student, supervised by Dr. Hay. This research was conducted as part of Mike’s Community Leadership Placement course in the Bachelor of Physical & Health Education program. 


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