Current Students

Master’s Students:

Gabrielle Racine (3rd year):  Currently doing research on Relative Displacement Between the Median Nerve and Flexor Tendons in the Transverse Carpal Tunnel.  Supervisor:  Dr. Kociolek

Mackenzie Daley (2nd year):  Researching valgus moments in the knee with elite athletes.  Supervisor:  Dr. Hay

Annagh Macie (1st year):  Currently doing research on the Effects of Mental Workload and Social Pressure on Muscle Activation Patterns During Full Trunk Flexion.  Supervisor: Dr. Schinkel-Ivy

David Gilmore (1st year):  Researching the effect of load on stroke kinematics on a rowing ergo-meter.  Supervisor:  Dr. Hay

Kaylyn Turcotte (1st year):  Researching corticospinal excitability in the hand using TMS.  Supervisor:  Dr. Kociolek

Khashayar Abbasabadi (1st year):  Researching the effect of fin design on boat stability and performance in rowing.  Supervisor:  Dr. Hay

Mikaela Iturregui (1st Year):  Researching balance and gait kinematics in older adults during activities of daily living. Supervisor: Dr. Schinkel-Ivy

Scott Dominey (1st Year):  Researching biomechanics of a lacrosse shot.  Supervisor:  Dr. Hay

Wesley Chambers (1st year):  Currently doing research on Neuromuscular Responses to Seated Work, Effects of Age and Cognitive Task Demands. Supervisor:  Dr. Kociolek

Undergraduate Students:

Connor Lacelle

Curtis Anderson

Katie Laronde