Dr. Dean Hay

Office: A201-Faaa
Email: deanh@nipissingu.ca
Phone: + 1 (705) 474 3450 x 4585

Ph.D. University of Tokyo

Areas of Specialization:
Dr. Hay’s initial interest in bilateral asymmetry in humans led to research on how it might affect performance and efficiency. This line of questioning has led to several collaborative publications and has been expanded to study other fundamental aspects of human balance and movement. The second area of Dr. Hay’s research has been an outgrowth of the first; that is, developing applied modeling tools to better understand human movement in controlled and free-living environments. Dr. Hay has used Artificial Neural Networks (ANNs) to model energy expenditure in a simulated free-living environment and is expanding his use of ANNs in order to classify movements from EMG, accelerometry and heart rate data. Dr. Hay is currently exploring Continuous Wavelet Transform techniques to analyze transient postural events from biomechanical data.


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