Hunter Carswell, Research Intern

Office: AC148-C
+ 1 (705) 474 3450 x 4843

BPHE, Nipissing University;
MScKin, Nipissing University

Areas of Specialization:
Hunter has been a part of the Nipissing University community for the past 7 years, completing her undergraduate degree in the Physical & Health Education program, and her graduate degree (MScKin) in the Biomechanics and Ergonomics Lab with Dr. Schinkel-Ivy. Her Master’s research focused on relationships between different types of biomechanical signals (spatiotemporal parameters and joint/segment kinematics), and how these relationships change with age.

Currently, Hunter is working as a research intern under the supervision of Drs. Schinkel-Ivy and Kociolek, supporting the operations of their NSERC-funded research programs: 

Towards an improved understanding of aging: Quantifying changes in movement during healthy aging using an integrated biomechanical approach (Dr. Schinkel-Ivy) 

Understanding neuromusculoskeletal interactions underlying biomechanics and control of the human hand (Dr. Kociolek) 


Kevin O’Reilly, Laboratory Technician

Office: AC148-A
Phone: + 1 (705) 474 3450 x 4688

Biotechnologist Diploma, Canadore College

Areas of Specialization:
Kevin was born and raised right here in North Bay, and has over 10 years experience in various pharmaceutical companies and research laboratories.  The large majority of his experience is in monoclonal antibody development and testing and how it applies to cancer cell biology.  He also runs a small musical instrument electronics company and is an avid home brewer in his spare time.

At Nipissing University he maintains all the laboratories, orders supplies, repairs and builds research equipment and aids the students with their research projects.


Please access an up-to-date list of Kevin’s publications by clicking below: