Past Master’s Students

Shahla Ziamanesh: Quantifying hand-arm vibration transmissibility during impact wrench use in fatiguing tasks. Supervisor: Dr. Kociolek 

Hunter Carswell: Age-related changes in relationships between spatiotemporal parameters and kinematic domains during treadmill gait. Supervisor: Dr. Schinkel-Ivy  

Denise Balogh: Characterizing the time-dependent changes in carpal tunnel dynamics during a repeated pinch grip task. Supervisor: Dr. Kociolek 

Mikaela Iturregui: The effects of age on kinematic variability of discrete obstacle crossing. Supervisor: Dr. Schinkel-Ivy 

Mackenzie Daley: Determining the relationships between lower limb kinematics and peak knee abduction moment during dynamic athletic tasks: a clinical approach to predict anterior cruciate ligament injury. Supervisor: Dr. Hay & Dr. Kociolek 

Khashayar Abbasabadi: The effect of stroke rate and fin height on boat velocity, boat stability, and athlete kinematics in rowing. Supervisor: Dr. Hay 

Annagh Macie: How does age influence relationships between kinematics and postural stability during gait? Supervisor: Dr. Schinkel-Ivy 

Scott Dominey: The influence of pocket characteristics on shot performance during a men’s overhand lacrosse shot. Supervisor: Dr. Hay  

Gabrielle Racine: Median nerve deformation and displacement increase in concert during grip tasks in the transverse plane of the carpal tunnel. Supervisor: Dr. Kociolek 

Taylor Matson: The effects of age in older adulthood on balance control during activities of daily living. Supervisor: Dr. Schinkel-Ivy